Functional medicine

The Functional Medicine approach is holistic and systemic, rather than being fragmented and narrowly focussed on isolated symptoms. It recognises that the human body-mind always functions as a whole, and that every part works synergistically together in relation to every other part.

All aspects of human experience are considered. We know that the expression of our genes is influenced by diet, exercise, stress management, sleep and toxin exposure, and that these factors all interrelate in creating disease.  

The consultation

Patients complete an in-depth questionnaire before the first consultation. This information allows me to gain valuable insight into their health status, personal and family history, the factors involved in driving the disease process and health goals before the first consultation. The initial consultation, either in person or online, typically lasts about 1 ½ hours. In this time together we explore all areas impacting their health. 

Genetic Testing

Our bodies are wonderfully complex. Our genes don’t work in isolation – they work with each other. Genetic testing gives us insight into how our genes work together in cellular pathways such as inflammation, and in functional systems such as brain function or glucose and insulin regulation, to understand our unique health blueprint.