What can I expect from the consultation?

Patients complete an in-depth questionnaire before the first consultation. This information allows me to gain valuable insight into their health status, personal and family history, the factors involved in driving the disease process and health goals before the first consultation. The initial consultation, either in person or online, typically lasts about 1 ½ hours. In this time together we explore all areas impacting their health. Based on the additional information and insight gathered during this consultation, I would then typically order laboratory blood tests, including speciality and genetic tests where appropriate.

This information allows me to design an individualised treatment plan which would include prescriptions for personalised dietary and life-style changes, supported with targeted supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbal treatments. Throughout this process I am guided not only by my own insight into the patient’s condition, but also I allow myself to be guided by their life circumstances and personal health goals.

During the period when patients start implementing changes, I offer regular check-ins. Making the necessary lifestyle changes can be challenging or even daunting on one’s own, but the structured  support and encouragement I provide makes the achievement of personal health goals  possible. During the follow-up consultation we review changes in health, adjust the treatment plan accordingly and find creative solutions to any challenges encountered.